Ken Gorfinkle, Ph.D. and Doris Ullendorff, L.C.S.W. share decades of experience in wide and varied fields of mental health, community medicine, behavioral medicine, individual, couple, child, and family therapy, consultation/liaison psychiatry, and organizational/industrial consultation. Doris and Ken enjoy mentoring and supervising clinicians and other human services professionals seeking specialized training. They offer training and workshops on child behavior management for school faculties.

Specifically, Doris Ullendorff has led workshops on prevention of sexual and domestic violence with high school students, and on managing children with ADHD and other behavior problems in the classroom.

Ken Gorfinkle has led workshops for business owners on improving management/employee relations, facilitating a healthy life style in the workplace, cigarette smoking cessation, and prevention of heart disease. He also advises industrial designers in developing patient-friendly medical devices.
Together, they have run workshops for interfaith couples considering marriage.