WELCOME to Common Sense Therapy

Common Sense Therapy describes our no- nonsense approach to solving life’s challenges.

To be effective, our treatment must be symptom-focused, time limited and transparent. Adults, couples, families and children deserve a clear understanding of why they are in treatment, and how it might be of help in their lives.We use a team approach to create a plan in collaboration with family, teachers, psychiatrists and other professionals to provide coordinated care. We are experienced in treating(both adults and children) with:
Anxiety/stress disorders
• Somatization disorders
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Tics, habits and behavior problems
• Coping with acute and chronic illness
• Pain management
• Women’s health including body image, sexual and   domestic violence
• Workplace Stress
• Procrastination
• School/work avoidance

Services We Offer:
Individual therapy 
• Couples therapy 
• Family therapy 
• Child and adolescent therapy 
• Parenting skills training 
• Social skills training 
• School consultation 
• Clinical supervision 
• Lectures, seminars, and workshops 

Seeing adults and children in person or on Zoom.