A family is much more than a group of people who happen to be related to one another. It is a dynamic system of interacting members. Change in any part of the system begins, like rippling water on a lake, to affect changes, small and large in every other member. That is why a crisis in an individual’s life is rarely an isolated event. If a family member is grappling with depression, anxiety, illness or loss, then support and coping can involve many immediate and even distant relatives. Typical family crises for which individuals, couples or whole families may seek professional help include, but are not limited to:
• Conflict over child rearing
• Intermarriage
• Marital conflict or divorce
• Parenting through separation and divorce
• Conflict with in-laws
• Problems with inter-generational communication
• Coping with life cycle events including birth, marriage and death

At Common Sense Therapy, we bring extensive skill and experience as family therapists, providing strategies for opening and sustaining communication when it has broken down. We offer a safe place for family members to listen carefully to one another, and to feel heard. Most important, we help you lay out a time-limited, goal-oriented strategy for achieving meaningful change.