Our Unique Approach

Common Sense Therapy describes our no- nonsense approach to solving life’s challenges.

Offering psychotherapy to New Yorkers is akin to selling coals to Newcastle. To distinguish themselves among the myriad clinics, group practices and therapeutic training institutes, we asked ourselves and and some of our colleagues a few questions:

1. What unique strengths and abilities do we bring to this wide field?
2. What kind of services might be welcomed by and serve as an asset to the existing community of practitioners?
3. How might a husband/wife team make a practice more approachable?

Common Sense Therapy was born of responses to those initial questions, and our mission will continue to evolve along with the needs of our clients and our referral base. We are eager and enthusiastic to share their common sense approach with clients and colleagues, who seek a refreshingly transparent, jargon-free approach to life problems.

With 60+ years of combined professional skill and experience, we listen, understand, help point a way forward and through life’s seemingly intractable problems. Our aim is to clarify the nature of the problem, and to lay out a path towards a solution that will be challenging, and, if necessary, life altering.