Today’s world is a demanding one. To survive and thrive, we are expected to complete our education, find a job with health insurance, affordable housing in a safe neighborhood, find and sustain a meaningful intimate relationship with a significant other, and on top of all that, cope with the inevitable bumps and bruises that life deals out. Experience soon teaches us that, despite the best-laid plans, no one is immune to life’s complications; chronic and acute illness, economic crises, illness or death of loved ones, or even wars and natural disasters. Unfortunately, the playing field of life is not a level one. A significant portion of the population struggle with known or as-yet undiagnosed learning disabilities. An even larger proportion suffers from debilitating anxiety or mood disorders. At Common Sense Therapy, we take a symptom-focused, goal-oriented and time-limited approach to managing psychological as well as physical stress. To accomplish this, we teach you how to examine and modify your own physical and mental responses to stressful events and thoughts, and then to engage instead in more effective alternative behavior. You can learn to counteract the paralysis of anxiety and depression, with powerfully effective techniques of cognitive re-training, meditation, self-hypnosis, and lifestyle management. Our goal is to help you set, achieve and sustain your own attainable goals. We value transparency in the therapy process. We want you to know by the first session, what it is you are paying for, how you will know if it is working, and when your goals are reached.