Intimate relationships often begin with excitement, romance and high hopes for sharing a happy future. Most couples encounter rough waters at some time, and find themselves struggling to share complex lives and responsibilities, and maintain a supportive, loving connection with one another. When do couples seek help from a competent therapist? Most often it happens when couples enter into conflict at key transition points:

• Commitment problems
• Infidelity
• Marital discord/sexual dissatisfaction
• Fertility/infertility problems
• Financial problems/unemployment
• Separation/divorce/co-parenting after divorce
• Cultural or religious conflict
• In-law problems

Less often, but happily, some couples seek help to further strengthen an already solid relationship. While it can be difficult for many to air the intimate workings of personal lives, it is comforting and reassuring to meet with professionals who have the deepest respect for their unique needs, and who bring skill, wisdom and years of experience to each and every couple.