Raising healthy, well-adjusted children today is a demanding job. It requires wisdom, patience, fortitude, and a modernized version of your grandparents’ “eyes in the back of the head”. Many parents are lucky enough to belong to a community of like-minded caregivers. They can lean over the proverbial back fence and ask questions about anything from breastfeeding to learners’ permits. Often, parents are stumped by changing values, the advent of new technology, or by learning that their child has special physical or emotional needs. They may not have access to a wise grandparent or a helpful neighbor, so they consult self-help books and talk show guests, where they receive guidance that, while helpful is non-specific.
This is when you might seek a professional consultation at Common Sense Therapy. At an initial assessment session, we will help you towards a better understanding of your role in parenting a child who has placed new demands on your time and energy.
Common reasons why parents seek help include:
• Toilet training
• Tantrums
• Bed time and sleep problems
• Sibling rivalry
• School avoidance or school refusal
• Recurrent stomach pain or headaches
• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
• Oppositional or defiant behavior
• Anxiety Disorders
• Autistic Spectrum Disorders
• Acute or chronic illness
• Bereavement and loss

At Common Sense Therapy we bring principles of family therapy and cognitive behavior therapy to bear on guiding parents toward creating a secure, consistent, loving environment in which to raise your children.